Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Found the perfect home for Bamboo!

I have this garden box in the back yard on the east side of our house that has been driving me crazy since the  day we moved into our home. I think whomever built the box there was going to use it as a rose box. Roses are not my thing. A couple of years ago I asked Glenn and Andrew to take out the 2 rose bushes that were getting out of control from the box. Since the roses have been gone, I have played around with what likes to grow in a spot that only gets morning sun and is in a hot spot due to the the house, all with no success.
A group of one gallon Fargesia nitida seedlings

F. nitida in a landscape

pastel blue new culms on F. murielae

Last night Glenn help me come up with a great idea. I have always wanted bamboo in my yard like my son has in the Portland area.  Well guess what there is a bamboo nursery that grows cold climate bamboo and it's right here in Oregon. PERFECT!  I have explored their website, http://www.bamboogarden.com/default.htm, and come spring this is what I will be planting in that problem area of mine.  Bamboo doesn't like afternoon sun, YES, Bamboo takes a lot of water if it's real hot, PERFECT (doesn't get real hot in Central Oregon for to many days in a row), cold climate Bamboo likes cooler night when protected, CHECK!

I am so excited about this and now I have to wait until spring, dang! Check out this book I also ordered today from the above website, who knows maybe I am on to something here in Central Oregon only time will tell. OMG, I hope the deer dislike the taste of bamboo plants:)...two words "Deer Fence"!

Happy Fall,