Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day one - Kitchen cupboard project

Kitchen Before 1/27/2010

I decided a few months ago that I was going to redo our kitchen cupboards, they are a mess and I don't know if they have been touched since this house was built. So at first I was very overwhelmed as to where I was going to start. As the same as my other projects I am the type of person that can create a phasing schedule and work at any pace I want. I am so glad I am not one of those people who have to start and finish immediately. I am also very lucky and so is my family as I always finish the project I start, I don't leave it 1/2 done or do I not finish at all no that's not me so if I calculated this right I should be done with the cupboards in about 2 months, if all goes as planned.

I went to our neighbor hood Lowes with some questions every one was busy so my second stop was Sherman Williams. I was there probably 1 hour or so the guy there was very helpful he even took me to the back and show me the difference in stain and how to prep the wood for the look I wanted. Oh yes and they price match if needed. But it looks like they won't need to, I am very pleased with their help and answering all my silly 1st time staining like this questions that I had.

Today I prepped the 1st section I am doing with this cleaning stuff call, tsp cleaner, great stuff but it is not the type of cleaner you would use all the time. Second I used wood filler where needed and then "surface" sanded. I don't have to strip the old varnish because I am using this stuff called Gel Stain. From reading about it and the guy showing me how it works it just sits on top of the old varnish and re stains the wood then you put this other stuff over the top when it drys. So wish me luck, tomorrow it's staining day on section 1 :)

Just look at these cupboards, I am embarrassed to even show them! But I just want to remember how bad they needed to be done incase I get tired of this little/big project..


Teresa M. Leno said...

You go girl!!! Just take it one step at a time and they will be fabulous. Are you going to add hardware? I've been working on our cupboards and had to paint them...the faux wood design just didn't give me any other options beyond paint or total replacment. Can't wait to see the progress, have fun!

Betty said...

I am trying to clean up the exisit hardware which is just hinges no handles due to cost. I will have to see how that goes. Do you have any ideas?

bunbun said...

WOW! This is quite the project. Casey and I were talking about how much you have done this last year, and how cool it is, you know the dog bed, the outdoor living room, the cupboards, the chairs! It is really nice to watch all the resources you are using and doing it so well! Great Job from both of us! XOXO

PS Have you been to Hippo Hardware or The Rebuilding Center here in Portland? If you want we can go when you come next month, there might be something that could fit in to your project budget since it is kind of like a hardware thrift store. And so cool to look at all the old doorknobs and finials anyways. But either way they are going to fantastic looking!!

Betty said...

Thanks Holly and yes I would love to go to the places you are talking about when I am in PDX.