Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Snow Child By EOWYN IVEY - One of a kind story!

It's interesting how my oldest step daughter knows me, Amanda brought over this book, left it on my table and said something like, this is a good book I think you will like it..Boy was she ever right, this book takes you to the very place that is described chapter by chapter. When I was reading this book in bed I would have to put on socks  because my feet would get so cold from feeling the winter chill as it was describe in such great detail. 
The story takes place in Alaska in a cabin in the woods in a very remote village/town. I almost feel like I know this area and have been there a lot! I find it very strange and exciting to be able to say that just from reading a book for pleasure.  

For about a week after I had finished the book I would think about the little girl in the wool blue coat with red mittens and a fur hat, with her friend The Little Fox beside her. I missed them!

I would recommend anyone who reads to read this book, truly it is one of a kind. Amanda thank you so much for knowing I would like this book. It was a real pleasure to consume myself in. 

Happy Reading, Betty Jo 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today's Thoughts: Learning something new and relearning something all over again!

Kendall Jay one year later...

Relearning something new!
I have had the pleasure of watching Kendall during the week while her mom and dad work for the past year now.  During my job search Kendall has helped me understand (over and over again), you need to be patient and just take things in life one step at a time. It has been a real treat to watch her grow into a toddler from just a new born baby, she really is good to me when it comes to understanding that I am just her grandmother so let's figure this out together:)...

Learning something new!
I have also taken on a few projects to get me through the winter time, mostly in the sewing area. I have been working on these pot holders, which we need desperately. The ones we use now have really been through a lot and really need to be replace. Here is why I am talking to you about these pot holders...As silly as it sounds so far, all 3 of them have been sitting on my desk waiting for me to complete the next step...BINDING! Which is also the final step. I have never "bind" anything before and for some reason it really intimidates me to do it.

I am going to try and follow this seamstress tutorial;

She has set up 22 photo's with the steps you need to take to bind something correctly. If there is anyone out there who has a better website or advice on this topic by all means TELL ME.. So until I get the courage to complete these very cute potholders here is a picture of them just sitting on my desk waiting for me.

Cute aren't they, the embroidery on them was fun and simple, now the challenge "binding"..Ouch that hurts....wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anti-inflammatory cooking and Me!!

When you are asked by the person who is guiding you through your health issues and aging concerns to go on a anti-inflammatory diet what do you say?  YES! And your life style with eating begins to change, now I am not saying I am perfect when it comes to being "strict" with what I put into my mouth but I will tell you I am giving it a pretty darn good try.

I was talking to my acupuncturist about how I could only eat so many raw veges with out ranch dressing, Lol (she really didn't laugh). Since you aren't suppose to have ranch dressing how about trying eggplant dressing, she says?. I don't recall ever having egg plant what really do I have to loose, I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive egg plant was, since I could just be throwing it away, right.

I have to say Roasted Eggplant Dip has become my go to dip for everything. It is one of the 3 foods or recipes I have experienced for the 1st time since I have taken this road and enjoyed. The 2nd food is Hemp Seeds! Where have you been all my life? Amazing stuff, I can't believe my son never mentioned hemp seeds to me before this, but in all honesty I probably wouldn't of tried them until now:P)..I was really curious about hemp seeds so I found an article that pretty much told me all I needed to know. The article is attached with the website at the end of this post. The 3rd food/recipe is mashed cauliflower, omg I love mash potatoes and I knew I wouldn't be seeing them anytime soon. After trying mashed cauliflower I am sold, tastes and feels just like mashed potatoes but GOOD FOR YOU. I didn't want to ruin the good in the cauliflower by adding butter so I made a "balsamic vinegar reduction" drizzled a small amount on the mashed cauliflower, BAM!

Try this you won't be sorry;  Roasted Eggplant Dip
- cut eggplant in half length wise
- cut slits in mean and slide pieces of garlic in
- Brush the meat with olive oil
- bake in over 400 between 40-60 minutes depends on size of egg plant 
- take out when flesh is soft
- scrape the meat into a food processor, discard skin
- add seasonings, i.e., red peppers flakes, pepper, mrs dash, cayenne, turmeric, lemon juice, etc. plus more olive oil as needed for consistency of the dip.
Dip keeps in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Delish 


Hemp seeds can contain up to 36% protein. In the 1950s, scientists worked to determine lab models for foods, the vegetable protein model was derived from hemp seed and was called edestin. The protein in hemp seed is comprised of approximately 65% of edestin and can be found only in hemp seed protein. Edestin aids digestion, is low in phosphorus and is considered the backbone of human cellular DNA. The other one third of hemp seed protein is Albumin, another high quality globulin protein similar to that found in egg whites.

One of the common arguments against hemp is that soy has a much higher total protein count than hemp seeds. But hemp seed protein is free of the tryspin inhibitors which block protein absorption that is found in abundance in soy. Hemp protein is also free of oligosaccharides found in soy, which cause stomach upset and gas.

Hemp protein contains all 20 known amino acids including the 8 essential and 2 semi-essential amino acids (EAAs) our bodies cannot produce. Proteins are considered complete when they contain all 9 essential amino acids in a sufficient quantity and ratio to meet the body's protein requirements. This makes hemp seeds perfect for vegans, vegetarians or anyone who is looking to reduce the meat content of their diet, hemp seed protein can supply all of the protein requirements without the bad fats in meat and without the stomach upset from soy.

This makes hemp seed the perfect high protein food. With a complete collection of amino acids, with ultimately the best digestibility of any vegetable protein, with the added bonus of Essential Fatty Acids, lacking the items found in soy that cause gas, hemp is truly the perfect vegetable source for a high protein food.

If you are looking for a high protein food for a high protein diet but you would rather not eat meat, or are not interested in bulking up on whey or soy, hemp as a high protein food is perfect for you. With just a couple of handfuls equalling a full days worth of protein, it is the ultimate high protein food.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

End of Winter out of town trip to the Oregon Coast

Do you know how humbling it is for a parent when one of your kids ask you if you would like to join them on their "mini family vacation"? Glenn & I experienced this last month when Amanda and Dustin asked us to join them in Lincoln City. They rented a house for 3 days and we rented a bedroom from them:)..The house was perfect to say the least, this beautiful home sits right on the inlet on a sand spit right in Lincoln City. The wind from the ocean was blocked by the sand spit which made walking on the inlet beach very pleasant.

 Glenn & I enjoyed watching our grand kids Lucy and Lincoln dig in the sand and pick up any and everything they saw on the beach. I don't want to go without mentioning how Lincoln entertained us a Moe's Fish House, (photos below)..It was an aha moment for Glenn and I as we watched Lucy and Lincoln and all we had to do was smile or laugh but it wasn't our job to keep everyone in-toe.  Oh the joys of being the Grandparents!

What a pleasant trip we had;

Lincoln enjoying the sand

Tide pools and standing water is the best at the ocean

Glenn & I enjoyed some time at the McMenamins in Lincoln City

Lucy colors beautifully. 

Lincoln entertaining us at Moe's by using his plate as a hat:).

The kids love when Dad reads to them before bedtime, I might add I enjoyed the store too. 

Lucy showing Grandpa the crabs parts she was taking home, Lol...

More digging in the sand, you just never know what's under the surfaced, right Amanda!

Beautiful photo of Amanda enjoying her afternoon coffee and cake. 

Well here I am signing off until the next post,
Betty Jo