Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old Makenzie Hwy - Dee Wright Observatory

Somewhere on the Old McKenzie Pass enjoying a late summer date with Glenn, Andrew and Debbie. This is the fire I was suppose to keep going while the others walked around the lake.
What a beautiful lake.
going around the lake
Andrew going up the trail to the Dee Wright Observatory
This is a mountain dial that sits in the middle of the obervatory. The dial points to the mountain with the name and the elevation. As you can see from the photo this dial has been there awhile.
Walking back down to the road.
Interpretive Center at the end of the trail, this story board talked about the woman who settled in Oregon during the early days. This just fascinates me, I can't believe the life they lead let alone how these woman raised a family.

The Last of the Sunflowers for the year!

here is to a good season

This is the last of my sunflowers in the garden, notice the bee sitting at the top of the flower above, I leave the tall stock up in the garden all winter for the birds to come eat the seeds during the cold months.
Cold nights are becoming normal as Autumn sets in, which makes the flower heads droop. If you look at the photo below tiny flowers are blooming at about 4 feet above the ground keeping warm by the leaves of the larger flowers. This flower here is very proud to keep its head up as close to the sun as possible. It almost looks like he is smiling doesn't it. As I was walking back to the house from taking photos of the sunflowers something red caught my eye, I examined the small raspberry bushes, all two of them, and saw I had a few berries ready to eat. I had them for lunch and yes it is true, they sure taste better grown in your own garden then bought in the store.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Extended Great Weekend! Yep-a-roonie

Seaside, Oregon September 2008

Wow did we have a great weekend, really long over due. Thursday night Glenn and I started our weekend by stopping to see Andrew and Debbie's new apartment. Your home is very nice, we are so proud of the both of you. Then we traveled on, to our friends home to spend the evening then Friday morning we headed out to the coast for a few days to enjoy the ocean. Many thanks to Lisa's sister in law for letting us stay at her ocean home. While at the coast we:
Afternoon Sushi

  • shopped and played

  • riding the rides

  • crabbing

  • whats he doing?

  • ate & drank

  • walked on the beach
  • unidentified object sticking out of the sand

  • ate & drank

  • relaxed and talked

  • ate & drank
To much of the good life!

At the concert!

Sunday night we went up to Clark County Amphitheater in Washington to see "Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey", the Amphitheater was sold out, they announced it during the concert that this crowd was the largest ever in the Amphitheater. I could not believe all the people, the weather was great, no rain and the music was the best. I am so glad we got to go. What a wonderful way to bring in the Fall Season, maybe we can do it again next year I am up for it how about you guys? now back to the real life until next time YEP-A-ROONIE!

Oh the good life!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Micah and Jenn are HOME!

Micah called his Dad this morning and he and Jenn are home from their trip to Japan and Vietnam. This is one of these moments as parents when you are excited for the adventures your kids are on and you are a just as nervous about the adventures and you wonder to yourself, "what were they thinking". Well it has been a long 3 weeks for Glenn and I but it will be fun to see the photos and hear the stories that Micah will be able to tell us,I can say that now that he is home. I had to remind Glenn over and over in the middle of the night, "remember when you were Micah's age you took a trip like this and if you don't recall that was in the early 70's". Glenn seems to think that was different, do I agree???

Wow, what about the memories that both Micah and Jenn will have. When I think about how Micah was one of the top conversations we have had lately it makes me wonder if I put my parents through the same stuff. I am sure there will be many more, since between Glenn and I we have 6 kids, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law, 2 girlfriends, and 1 boyfriend. Wow, I guess we will be busy trying to be understanding parents.

Can't wait to see you Micah!
Micah with the hat on, Jenn with the head band.
The rest of the group are Glenn's beautiful kids and their girlfriends and of course one Grand Child!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Somebody has to do it!

I would just like to voice my opinion on retail stores. 2 weekends ago were crazy hours, long days, back to back schedules, but you would probably only understand this if you worked or have worked in retail.

It was time to set the store for the fall do you have any idea what that means; this would be moving out all that was left over from summer and set the new fall product. This process includes on time shipments, un-boxing a huge amount of freight, hanging, steaming,etc. Then there is the 20+ mannequins that need to be undressed and redressed in their new outfits. Oh my gosh I was so tired then to top it off I had to stop by my local Target for something before work and I went by the back to school area and there was this girl taking down what looked like 15 feet of pencils and pens, she was talking to herself saying "I must be crazy I feel like I just put this up last week" I sort of laugh to myself and she looked over at me, I told her I worked in retail I got a smile out of her. I asked her if this was going to be the Halloween area and she said yes I told her I would visit it when she was through. I then went on my way.

While I was driving down the road I got to thinking about how we all just go into a store and buy stuff and then go on our way. So I decided the next time I am in a store, I was going to take a good look around and appreciate all that has been done to help me make my decision to buy something.

I know a lot of people who work in one form or another of retail and my hat off to you, you know who you are:

Each one of these lines are different people I know who:

  • orders and stocks food on the shelves

  • fills on line orders

  • makes sure the buildings are in good shape

  • creates flower arrangements

  • picks out outfits for ladies, or gifts purchased by a husband or relative

  • works extremely early mornings stocking shelves

  • coaches sales people to do their best

4 for these people are my Children or Step Children and myself so I just want you to know, you have a very important job and the everyday person needs you more then you will ever know. So keep it up all of you and Have A Good Day!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Afternoon with Lucy

Did I pick enough Grandma? Yesterday Lucy spent the afternoon with me, boy did we have some fun. We went out into the garden and picked tomatoes, played in the sunflowers, we sat on the bench that enters the garden area and read a book, Dr. Seuss's Hop on Pop it says it's the "simplest Seuss for youngest use" well it isn't that easy to read out loud, but Lucy didn't know the difference, I guess.
Who ate the yellow petals off this flower anyways?
After dinner we went for a walk across the canal to take some photos of my sunflower patch, they really are prettier in the neighbors yard, I hope they are enjoying them!!

Can you see the duck at the bottom of the photo?

This is a good photo of 1/2 of our home and to the right is the sunflower patch I talk about that came up this year volunteer. We are standing across the canal at our neighbors backyard fence.

Grandpa, Lucy and I always sit in the front yard and watch the birds, cars and airplanes before dark. I went in the house to get Lucy a cracker and when I came back she was in my chair drinking her juice next to Grandpa who was enjoying his "juice" also. I had to get a picture of it how cute!

Then Lucy's Parents came back from their dinner out and took Lucy home. Grandpa and I then called it an evening and went to bed, isn't being Grandparents WONDERFUL!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Broken Top and Glenn

Broken Top, trail is on the right looking at the photo.
Every year my Husband Glenn takes 3 days to back pack into the wilderness and climb broken top. I believe this is one of his favorite places and yes I mean on top of the mountain. I have I think 6 different photos of the same man sitting on top of the mountain smiling the same smile. I have to hand it to him he walks every lunch hour rain or shine or in our case snow or shine so he can stay fit for this climb.

Whispy Clouds
This is one trip I don't take with him, I am not into climbing like that I don't really like high places and loose rocks. The photos he brings home are beautiful and I can only imagine what it would look like seeing it for myself. One year Glenn took Micah his son and Casey my son with him and I often think of what Casey told me when he tried to describe a butterfly hatch he was in while sitting on top of this mountain is sounded so surreal, I know that moment in time will be in Casey's thoughts forever. This year Glenn's oldest son Andrew and Glenn's brother and his son went with him and it sounds like they have a great time.

The Hikers!

Glenn I know you are already to go again and can hardly wait for next years climb so just keep doing what you are doing to prepare and have I told you lately I am so proud of you?

As always Glenn brought me back beautiful photos so I wanted to share them with you, so sit back and enjoy the scenery.
I wonder what Andrew is thinking.

I bet it was a cold winter for this "pop top"

Onward to the top!

Hang on Dear Brother your almost there.

What a view

Now there's that smile I'm talking about..

It doesn't get much better then this, does it Glenn.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Swiss Army Creamers update

Last June I posted about these swiss army creamers, I thought they were so cute and I wanted to do something with them but I really didn't know what. Well I finally decided to make them into planters, I know that is not very surprising to those that know me, but I tried to do something different and it just didn't work out. So here you go I have them sitting on the ledge in my kitchen and I just love them.