Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bread and Butter Pickles

This time of the year is so fun because it is time to make "bread & butter" pickles. They are great in salads, tuna sandwiches, burgers well really almost anything. The process you follow is really easy and pretty fun to do. You cut up the small cucumbers and layer the cut slices with Ice and walla walla sweet onions then let them sit over night.

Cooking the brine bring to a rolling boil and then strain through a cheesecloth, this is the juice that goes into the jar with the cucumbers.

Cucumbers are ready for the final stage before becoming pickles.

If you are ever at our home ask to have some bread and butter pickles with your burger you won't be disappointed. Have a great summer.
Where you can find the recipe; Better Homes and Gardens magazine, August 2009, Classic Bread and Butter Pickles or on their website.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Weekend!

Sometimes it is not what is seems!

Let me explain, Glenn went camping this weekend, Monica is at her Mom's and I am working. I was looking forward to having the house to myself. Don't get me wrong I love my family but every now and then you like to do stuff that you like when you like and not have to worry about the other person. This probably isn't coming out right but if you are they type of person that is busy all the time and has allot going on you will understand.

So I come home from work after a weird day in retail, more management issues then I like on a Saturday but that is what keeps you focused, right? The house is empty I look forward to pineapple salsa and chips
and the movie Twilight. The pineapple salsa was OK I guess so then I find out that Monica took the Twilight movie with her:( so I watch something stupid on TV and decided to do some stuff that I really only wanted to do when nobody was around. LIKE;

*use this eye patch stuff I got from the DHC website, I like their products, all from Japan and only scent if any is from plants and herbs.

Then I alphabetized our CD collection, that was fun I had a laugh about the tallest stack. If you know us you can only guess what letter had the most, yes "S".

Then on to down loading Glenn's itunes gift cards, he told me I could put some songs on my IPod. But I couldn't think make up my mind!.

As you can see from June's yawn she is also getting bored with our projects so I decided to go out side and take some photo's of the wild poppies that are coming up in the flower patch.

I just love the poppy with the white on the edges on the petals, Poppies are fun in the garden the plant itself is really weird looking and in a few days there is this beautiful flowers, More Poppies that is the entry in my garden journal for next year.

So as you can see, being alone in the house isn't all that it is made out to be. Glenn will be here tonight when I return from work, I just can't wait to see him. Then we can do the silly stuff around the house together, like enjoy each others company!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Camping

A summer camping trip can be one of the most memorable times of the season. I have put off blogging about this trip because I wanted to be able to post in a way that showed my appreciation for the time we get to spend in the wilderness, the forest, at the lake but most of all setting up camp in the mountains for such a small snap shot in time.

I really enjoy the wild flowers as Debbie takes a look at the Indian Paint Brush.

Cedric's 1st trip to Walton Lake.

I am able to get the summer tan, I have waited all winter for. The girls enjoying the night life.

Paul trying to "dance" with his bottle of beer while the girls coach him or maybe they are laughing at him!

The wild flowers are incredible in the mountains.

"Sweet Lisa" staying warm on a cool night.

Hot Fire!

I don't know why some photos are taken or by who, I bet if I was to guess Glenn took this one. I think it is so cute, this must be a camp guest aka Glenn's shot glass.

While Monica was enjoying a jeep ride with her Dad
they came across this wild yellow Daisy flower patch.

It was hot some days, that is really all I have to say for this Father and Son combo!

Micah's birthday, presents all around! Happy Birthday Micah!

A group going out to "target practice", I think.

Lucy even came one night to enjoy her 1st marshmallows. What a cute camper she is.

I really enjoy Amanda and Lucy's company. Thanks for coming to our camp site.

One summer night the music starts...

The great Camp Fire!

Our home in the mountains, looks small but really quite roomy.

Monica and Emily keep themselves busy doing this type of stuff.

Andrew challenges his Dad to a game of Chess, I think the game ended suddenly due to a foot knocking over the table. Andrew wasn't very happy with his Dad..

One can enjoy the sun and the surroundings ALL DAY LONG!

Micah and Jenn cool off while boating at Walton Lake.

Our Tent!

Two Brothers!

Another night of entrainment singing and dancing. I hear it soothes the soul and I believe that!

OK??? I just love these two guys!

The girls talked me into taking them on a Jeep ride to the top.

The stream

Beauty is all around us.

For years to come I will always remember the summer camping trips. These post only gives you a small sample of our time we spend in the mountains. Special thanks to all who came and enjoy this time, with me. Hey you want to do it again!?!