Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The side roads less traveled!

I normally don't go into such personal issues on my blog but I am very excited about some very important decisions I have made. After a long long research process and due to a few physical issues that probably happens to quite a few "aging women", I decided to stray away from Western Medicine and seek another route. I am not one to take pills to "mask" an ongoing problem in my body, I want to repair, reverse, stop (whatever the term you want to use) the problem!   

Here is what I decided:

HOLISTIC HEALTH APPROACH - To guide and educate myself down this road I have made the following choses:

1.Listen to my "Iridologist"..if you take the time to look this up you will find both sides - good and bad - scared of the unknown or change? For what I am looking for this is perfect for me..DON'T JUDGE! It doesn't hurt to take a road you haven't traveled before, it might just get you to where you want to be for the time being. 

2.  Acupuncture. If I was to give you one word to describe my experience it would be AMAZING! I have received acupuncture 3 times, so I will give you more info down the road. If I have peaked your interest.

3. Deep Tissue/Muscle Weight Trainer - I adventure down this road once a week, I am not a "gym enthusiast" by any means. This workout is very slow, controlled, using every muscle in your body workout. I had no idea I could do the things the trainer asks me to do. I really feel good inside and healthier, I just bet soon I will be able to see a difference on the outside.:)

These 3 people are going to help me feel better about myself become healthier and look good while doing it. This is a life style change and I am going to follow that road, that has been less travelled so far in my life. 

As I learn new techniques on how to eat, sleep, breath (which my trainer has to remind me to do all the time) I will let you know. As for myself I really can't believe what I have learned so far and the changes I have put in place.

Here is one example: DRINK WATER and lots of it!! Add a slice of lemon and a slice of cucumber..it is a great natural detox! OK, I can do that:) I wonder what road is right around the corner? 

More later, Betty