Friday, May 29, 2009

Wild Horses!

Have you ever experience watching wild horses rome the land? It is really a sight, there is an on going political battle on what has to happen with these horses when there is to many for the land set aside for them to live their life.

Recently there was a decision to do away with the over populated horses in the Kiger area and from what I have been told a group of people came together (I heard it was a group of ranchers) and paid for the horses to be moved to another area. This area is the Ochoco Mountains, there has been wild horses living there for some time. Glenn was driving around in the mountains and he came upon them. What a great opportunity , I wish I could of been there to see them. Here is what Glenn was able to observe that day in the Ochoco Mountains.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Snow and Flip Flops!

Snow and Flip Flops!

Yesterday the day started with Glenn and I deciding to spend time working in the back yard. We went to get the items we needed and then tackled the long over due task of taking out 4 over grown rose bushes that were here when we moved in. I don't care for roses in my yard because they take to much care in my opinion. So out they come, after a while of digging and trying to act like we were having fun we got out 2 bushes. We decided to leave the other 2 for another day, and then we must of got a 2ND wind because before we knew it the 3rd one was out.
Andrew and Debbie show up about 30 minutes into the project, Debbie was tending to there little dog Cedric, who by the way loves to come to Redmond to Grandma Betty's back yard to play. Cedric just wishes Juniper Berry would play with him, but that is a whole different story.
I will finish this story with; Andrew came to rescue and took out the biggest and ugliest rosebush:) So now they sit in the fire pit waiting for there final destiny, burning up. Sorry to those of who grow great roses and I agree they are one of the prettiest flowers but they are not for me to grow. We praised Andrew when he was finished and silently both Glenn and I were extremely glad we didn't have to tackle that last one. I was overcome with joy as I realized, oh my gosh, I do need my kids help from time to time and that is OK!
This is what we did in the late afternoon please read on;
Century Drive, Bend Oregon
Soda Creek that flows into Sparks Lake.

Debbie and Andrew walking in the snow by Devils Lake

Entrance gate onto the boat dock at Elk Lake.

We decided it was time to go do something special for a few hours, so we went up Century Drive to take a look at Sparks lake, Devils lake and Elk lake. Century Drive just opened for the 1st time since last fall on Friday so we knew there would be snow but, wow was there snow.
Living in Central Oregon
to be continue....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom's 80th Birthday!


Grand Kids and Great Grand Kids and Mom!

A trip to Warden, was long over due, once we get on the road I was excited to get there and have some fun relaxing and visiting with my family.

The sunset out the front window of my Brothers house.

Glenn on the other hand likes to do the things and is every day life on the farm but not to him. I really don't get to see him to much while we are there I think he likes to take advantage of the great outdoors and he also likes to be a "cowboy" for the time we are there. As for me I really enjoy my time with my Mother we cook, eat, visit, walk her yard and talk about the plants.

Mom and My Sister and Brother.

Glenn dinner is at 6pm don't be late!!

My Sister has recently moved about 1/2 mile from my Mom so I also enjoyed seeing her new home. My Brother and his family just finished building their new home it is beautiful and it sits on top of the prairie. I am very happy my family has each other and that they live so close but as for me I like to be the odd one out. I will always enjoy my visits and then travel back to my home here in Central Oregon.

Glenn riding with DelRae. Look at that prairie.

The Goats want some attention.

Had a great time at Mom's birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Mom, I Love you.
My last stop before I head back to Central Oregon is a visit to the cemetery. My Father is buried there and I always stop to say whatever is on my mind and to look at my Dad's headstone. It is a great headstone that really tells you a lot about him. Well until next time. Have a good day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

In My Mother's Yard!

My Sister Bonnie and Mom Marie.

When you are growing up you can take allot for granted, like all the work that goes into keeping up a yard. Especially a yard as big as my Mothers, I had the privilege of spending the weekend with her to celebrate her 80Th birthday and her yard was unbelievable. I was told by my Sister that Mom actually mowed her lawn herself because the person that comes out to mow it was a late. Marie's lawn is really quite large and she has never mowed it with a riding mower so bless her heart she used her self propelled mower and mowed that whole lawn and then the next day her yard keeper guy came and mowed it again, she just let him. That's my Mom! I enjoyed walking the whole yard with her and my sister as my Mom carried a twig to point out different things she wanted to talk about. I carried a shovel and my sister had the box, when Mom said this one is a good starter to transplant I dug up a corner put it in the box and by the time we went around the complete yard I had 3 boxes full. Now my job is to keep the starters alive in Central Oregon a very tricky thing to do. But I am going to give it my best shot. What a great afternoon spent in my Mother's yard.