Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving is a time for "Thanks"!

Thanksgiving is a fun time of year for me. I feel very traditional I like to do the things like; the Thanksgiving Dinner, the Macy's day parade, the Redmond Starlight Parade on Friday day night, you know stuff like that.

Glenn and I like it when our house is full of our Kids and their friends or family everybody eats, plays and has a good time. I am thankful that this year is going to be the same a full house with all the trimmings.
I would like to take this time to thank my Husband and Kids for being apart of my life;

Casey and Holly
Amanda, Dustin and Lucy
Andrew and Debbie
Kadie and KC
Juniper Berry

I love you all and I can't wait to see everyone on Thursday and those of you that won't be able to make it, you are in my thoughts and heart you will be missed on this special day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Betty Jo aka Mom

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Snowy Day Off!

This is such a good day to have off, the air is cold and there are flurries of snow in the air. I happen to like this time of year your home changes it look so quickly with Halloween then the smells of cooking for thanksgiving , the decorations for Christmas time and then we seem to finish this busy time with a celebration of the past year and bringing in the new year!

Today is the day I am preparing the menu for thanksgiving day and get my shopping list ready. It's funny but I like to do my thanksgiving day shopping at Safeway. I don't shop at Safeway any other time of the year, I think it has become a tradition with me. When we lived in Oregon City, it was different living there you really had to plan you time wisely and being in retail we were always so busy during this time. It never failed every year Glenn and I would end up at Safeway across the freeway in Gladstone around midnight a day or two before Thanksgiving. You see in the city the grocery stores stayed open all night or into the early morning hours so you could shop for food anytime you liked not like here in Redmond where most places are closed by 11pm. So again this year I will keep my little Thanksgiving meal shopping tradition and visit our local Safeway.

Hope you have as good as a day as I plan on having.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Glenn is brewing again!

Glenn has played with the "art" of brewing beer for about 8 years now. You never really know when he is going to brew a special batch of beer so I always like to see what inspires him to do so. My "49"Th birthday was one of those inspirations, he started the process the day of my birthday. He choose a mixed berry ale, I really can't describe it now because I haven't tasted it yet. A batch of beer like this takes about 20 days from start to finish. The beer is bottled now and they are just sitting there waiting for the special labels to be put on. The name of the beer is called "Birthday Betty's Brew", I can't wait for that 1st taste, I am sure I won't be disappointed!

Saturday night after spending Halloween with Lucy and Amanda we decided to make the Birthday Betty Beer labels. We both had input in designing the labels so that made for a fun time. In about 5 days we will be able to open up a bottle and have a taste I can't wait I will be excited to see how a bottle of beer tastes that is named after me:)

I have an unexpected announcement to make, I am deeply sadden by the 1st beer my Husband named after me has gone awry ( looked up the spelling). The taste was OK but there was an odor, Glenn is recapping his steps to see what went wrong. I feel really bad but in all the years of him brewing this is the 1st mishap, so if you ask me that is a pretty good track record. I would like to have you try another one when your ready so maybe some day I can have my personal beer made especially for me. As they say "don't sweat it, have another home brew"!
Until next time, have a good day, Betty

June's got a new dog bed!

What do you do with a pile of men's shirts that your Husband says are wore out? here is what I did, You let the pile sit were you can see it and you stare at it wondering what could be done with a great pile of fabric. Casey's dog Simon gave me the idea when I was visiting, it was funny to watch Simon; his "blanket" was being washed and he didn't want to lay on his bed until his blanket was out of the dryer. I thought to myself I could cut up Glenn's shirts and make a dog bed so June could enjoy her bed as much as Simon enjoys his!
Well, June still sneaks up in her favorite chair when we are busy, this habit started when she was a puppy so it's probably to late now to correct:) But I do think she appreciates her new dog bed when we are in our outdoor living area (patio). The cement doesn't seem so hard and cold when she lays on her bed.
I still have shirts and fabric left over so now I am working something else up in my head, pillows maybe I guess we will all have to wait and see. But in the mean time thanks to Simon for the great idea!!