Monday, September 21, 2009

Freezing Garden Vegetables to enjoy later!

The last of the green bean's, we have been eating on them most of the summer. I have found if you saute' them instead of steaming or boiling they don't seem so "squeaky" when you eat them. Thanks for the tip Sis!

Also the last of our corn this year has been the best crop we have had here in Central Oregon. When it comes to fresh corn there is really no other way to eat it but cooked on the cob.
Prepping for the blanching process, 7 minutes in boiling water and then 7 minutes in an ice bath. Package and off to the freezer to enjoy in the winter months to come. I amused myself while working in the kitchen with the summer veges by watching the movie Wall-E on my laptop. I just love a movie where robots fall in love!

Dad, Son and Microbrew in a can! part II

A few weeks ago I posted about how my Husband Glenn "has to" climb Broken Top in the Cascades. Every year when he makes it to the top he either calls me or sends me a photo of him from the top. This year was no different, except the photo he sent me this year really shows the elevation he is sitting at when he reaches the top. Notice the lake in the bottom left hand side of the page it looks like a mud puddle not a lake.

Each year when you make it again to the top, I am very happy for you. I know this is a big deal for you to accomplish this task. If I know you there will be many years to come to view this photo of you FROM THE TOP!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Betty's summer Sun Flowers!

OK here it is the yearly "sun flower" post, I have been planting these flowers for 5 years now and every year I am amazed at their presence, beauty, and demand for attention from all things surrounding them. Or should I say; in all things they surround. The photo on left is looking across the canal into our back yard. I am a little jealous of the view the neighbors get across the canal, so I have been known to take a short hike and go stand on the edge of their back yards to enjoy the view of my sun flowers. As I did here!

These 3 photos are from the wild flower mix that we broad casted in the flower garden. It is fun to watch the multiple heads on one stem and the way the move in the sky.

This is the owl I have in the corn rows to scare the birds away and also for June to bark at when it moves in the wind.
Mr. Owl is pictured here leading a choir of sunflowers in the morning symphony of "the dancing flowers".

This is the biggest composite I have this year it measures 1 foot in diameter. Needles to say it is almost hanging to the ground it is so heavy.

When you read about sunflowers it states that they only follow the sun during the time they are buds and when the flower opens up it faces east to protect itself from all weather elements like sun, rain, frost, wind. Interesting!

Sun Buddies!
We leave the flowers standing all winter for the birds to eat on, come spring when we pull them up you can look on the ground at the foot of their roots and see many empty sunflower shells laying all over the ground. I say to myself in another month or two I will be starting over again with a whole new patch of Sunflowers, yippee!

This is the tallest sunflower this year, I haven't measured it but it is above the roof line of the house, impressive!
Being able to enjoy all types of sunflowers I have in my yard is thanks to; the American Indians who domesticated various varieties of the sunflower.
Smile you never know when a sunflower is watching you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dad and Son and Micro Brew in a can!

Glenn sent me this photo this evening via his blackberry. He is hiking the mountain range in the background with his son Micah. Two things about this is funny to me, one he took his blackberry with him and he has cell reception; two Glenn found micro brew in a can. Supposedly it is lighter to pack in then bottles, OK!

I hope they have fun and the weather cooperates for them the entire weekend. If only you knew how much my Husband loves this area of the Cascades and he is always so excited when he can accomplish that climb just one more time.

Have fun and see you on Sunday.

Sleep well, Betty

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 2009 Summer Vacation

Spending day after day in the wilderness is amazing! I tried to pack my back pack as light weight as I can but that is something I just can't seem to achieve. Maybe it's the hard bound book I wanted to take or the one to many shoes that I think I needed to have during the week. Well just take a look for yourself, it really isn't a lot when you think about what you need on a daily basis to survive. Read on and you will see what it takes to be able to eat, sleep and play in the mountains.

I-pod in the dirt

The 1st night we spent the evening somewhere in the Cascade wilderness around the base of Broken Top. Into the warm night we enjoyed the sounds of my IPod and our favorite beer. I wanted to wear my camping coat even though it was eerie warm because of the furry hood attached which makes me feel pretty:):) So I did!

The next day we took a hike into "the tarn", needless to say within feet of our destination I tried to turn around or quite, I was so scared to go on any farther, why because of the small rocks sliding under my feet and the last part of the hike was far to steep for me. I have this fear of falling and hurting my back it seems really stupid to me but that's how it is. Glenn coached me across the stream and guided me the rest of the way up by walking partly in the ice cold water. All I have to say is, I DID IT! Thanks Glenn for your patience and guidance with those last few steps into paradise. Enjoy the photo's as much as I enjoyed the hike.
Let me backtrack into the morning, the weather was perfect not to hot or cold at least until about 1pm. But right at the heat of the day we ran into a snow cave, going inside the cave was like walking into air conditioning, the rest of the hike was one of those times where your mind gets clear of all possible blockage, does that make any sense to you? It does me, because I experienced it first hand.

The next chapter of our trip was spent at a lake that Glenn likes to think is his own private lake, so that is what we will refer to it as.
I guess I can do that because every time I go there it is like it is reserved just for us, there is nobody around but us, I will assume that is because you have to walk into it and there isn't any postings on the road that it exists at all. We hiked in a boat to float on the lake with and our favorite chairs to set in the lake with, and that is pretty much what we did. The lake beach was perfect only tiny footprints of something we didn't identify at the time and a few ducks and 1 crane.

I can actually say this trip was long over due and one of the best camping trips ever. For some reason (that I can't figure out yet), Those few days have really stayed with me in my memories of the best times ever. I am sad the camping season is almost over for this year but I look forward to this trip in the years to come as I am sure that Glenn is too. Boy did I have FUN!

Summertime, Summertime!

Central Oregon gardens can be tricky, you pick and choose your seeds very carefully or you will be disappointed.

Deer resistant wild flowers just love this time of year.

Oh my goodness the summer time goes by so quickly, wouldn't you agree? Glenn and I have worked really hard this year on our backyard. It is just amazing to me what happens when you add water, I have found a talent in my Husband that I didn't realize when I married him. This hidden talent of making natural landscape come alive with automatic watering. If I need to get water to an area I just let Glenn know and poof there is water. You can't see hoses or anything it is all under ground. Let me tell you I am so going to use this to my advantage. Keep up the good work my Dear, I am just loving the outcome of your hidden talent.