Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That Old Fence has seen better days.

I have always pointed out different types of fencing to my husband that we pass by going down the road . I guess it comes from growing up on a farm with livestock fencing was always an important topic.

The fence that holds our home/yard together is beyond repair, and trust me I have mentioned it just a few times over the years. About 3 weeks ago Glenn says out of the blue, "well Betty I guess it's time for a new fence, how about you gather up some estimates and see what this is going to cost us"! I couldn't believe my ears, I have been waiting for those words to come out of his mouth for 6+ years and now the day has come. YIPPEE!

The next day I am on the computer doing my research about fencing, then I present to Glenn my vision of a fence, and to my wonder, we weren't far off on what we both wanted the outcome to be. After a some discussion I lined up 3 different company's to come out and give us their ideas and basically in a nut shell estimate how much is was going to cost.

It's funny to say but the decision is going to be made on who can come in with the best price for tearing down and hauling away our tired old fence. Materials and labor are pretty much all the same price on the 3 quotes. Don't you think that's funny too?

To cut down on cost I came up with doing part of the labor myself; after creating a "phasing schedule" showing, If I work 5 days a week for 1 hour (my wrist and back dictate how long each day I can pull off this manual labor) I will be done with the clearing of old dead tree limbs, 4 to 5 inches of pine needles and overgrown junipers trees and lilac bushes by the end of November. Yikes!!

Where do I start?

About 3 feet is all I can clear away in an hour so I think my phasing schedule might be a little off. The good thing about this is we don't plan on having the new fence built till spring 2014. I have found I am as happy as a person can be clearing out years of pine needles and giving old trees a hair(limb) cut because the end result will be something I have waited for, for such a long time. Who would of thought something like a new fence would come as such a joy in my life right now.

I guess I will start right here.