Sunday, August 11, 2013

Redmond to Salem to Portland and back!

WOW, it is the 2nd week of August our summer is now here and almost gone. What a bitter sweet sad summer we have had here at our house. I haven't been blogging at all this summer as my husbands parents both passed away and I felt all my energy was needed  elsewhere. This has been a very busy and emotional time for me, I feel it was my "duty" and out of much love to take care of the Husband during his time of grieving. Then yesterday I realized after visiting the grave site where Jason's body is buried and just the week before watching Glenn and his family spreading the ashes of their dear Mother Anna Louise that the grieving don't really stop it is just there from time to time. So as Glenn has said to me, "I just need to get back into my daily habits and move on where I can live with the memories I have of my parents and not their deaths".  So there you have it, I am now understanding that the grieving will continue but in a different way, it does become part of your life you just need to work through it and continue on.

Summer blog August 2013

Yesterday Glenn and I took Micah to the Portland airport where he departed back to his current home in South Korea. Micah coming back home for a week was such a nice enlightening time for us. We did so much this past week and I will continue to have a few more entries about this but for now lets start with our trip back home to Central Oregon.

Happy summer travels to you and your family, Betty

What we see heading up the mountain, YIKES!
Not looking much, better that's for sure.
At the top of Mt Hood, these are clouds we are driving through, so much for the summer fun.
Off the mountain and heading into beautiful Central Oregon.
Almost home and still such a dramatic sky ahead.

Watching the sunset on the mountain range we just drove over, through our car window.