Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Camping trip

We look so forward to our week long summer camping trip in the wilderness. What a stress free vacation, really the only problem if you want to call it that is making sure you can get to the shade in time, before the afternoon sun does you in. Now that is what I call good stress!

 It's always important to have the "luxuries" close by. Glenn was the best ever and put a nice bathroom together for us, the bathroom was tucked away down a hill  into the wilderness I have to say it's one "room" we really appreciated. Thanks Glenn ! Yes if you look closely that is the current copy of Mary Jane Farms:)

Having proper food available is good here is a good example cold beer in a glass and red vines! Then there is the camping bed room. Somebody slept all night long each night we were there do you blame her?
Juniper Berry was always standing guard she is one faith full camping dog. Except when she wants to be tucked in at night then you are on your own.
PS. I made her dog bed out of Glenn's old work shirts I used the panels with the front pocket on them so she can have treats waiting for her. She is always surprised to find a bone or a cookie in one of the pockets.
Camping isn't all roughing it, people pay good money to have their bare feet warmed on a hot bed of rocks in the cool night. Here we had it every night free of charge.
Wild flowers are one of my favorites, we had the opportunity to watch wild garlic in bud form when we 1st arrive to blooming after a short summer rain storm. WOW! Take a look for yourself:)
Another great past time is traveling around mountain roads to see what you can find. Like pretty things (see photos above) or a structure left from a sheep herder or maybe elk camp. Fun stuff to do that's for sure.

Sometimes we have accidents but they are taken care of quickly, I broke my finger. But I have to admit I actually did this before we left packing my camping pack.

Laying out and watching the starry nights is amazing another Wow that for sure!

The sunsets!

Thanks to my Husband I still can be fashionable, I just love this coat even though it's not snowing. I am sure some of you can understand:)

And then there is the "Best Friend Times" I am so glad we could be caught in a rain storm together. Great shot with the rainbow, Glenn. Thanks!
This bouquet of wild flowers and grass were with us all week. I miss this week allot and can't wait till our next trip. That's right we have a back packing trip soon, I can't wait:)

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed the camping photos as much as we enjoyed the camping trip!

Sincerely, Betty Jo and of course Juniper Berry


Glenn said...

It was sooo awesome... or should i say abfab!

Betty said...

Yes, I would have to agree we had one "hell" of a time! Thanks for the comment:)