Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I hear a chuckle from Heaven!

Gosh, it seems like every now and then I catch myself looking up in the sky with a smile on my face, it almost feels like I am returning a grin to someone as they "chuckle". I am going to assume it would be my Dad...sound crazy? Maybe, but it's true.

Here is a great example; the other day Kendall brought over a trike to ride outside. As she was showing me her trike she lifted the seat and looked at me as she " babbled" something I didn't quite understand. When I looked to see what she was talking about there laid an extremely old cow belle, probably from her Dad's Grandparents ranch. My thought was only Kendall would have a cow belle stowed away in the trunk of her trike. That is when I caught myself looking up into the sky smiling, I think I felt a chuckle and that is something that my Dad would of laughed about. Not only because he would of found that funny but he also would be very proud of that little girl.

Sound crazy? Maybe, but it is true!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring could be in the air!

 .WWorked in the backyard this weekend. So much has to be cleaned up from winter I will have to pace myself because it can all be overwhelming. We move our cricket trailer to the backyard that was interesting but it's nice to not have it taking up so much space in the driveway. Btw, can't wait to be able to camp more as the season progresses. 

Moved all the compost from a years worth of piling to the garden now just need to have Glenn till it all in. Oh yes and the crocus are coming up in the front yard, they are right at the front door it is so nice to walk out and see then 1st thing.....Have a good springtime week!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My rendition of crazy quilt squares!

I have found the quick pleasure in "crazy quilt square" sewing. I keep making these squares all colors all sizes at some point I will need to decide what to create with them. But until then I guess I will just keep sewing one square at a time....

I guess your getting the idea😃. If you have any suggestions on what I should create with all of these and probably many more please feel free to let me know..

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time and Changes

For the time being I am out of the corporate inviroment and have taken a new path in life. 5 days a week I am watching over and caring for 2 of our 4 grand children. So If you can imagine and understand that is what has probably kept me from blogging, I guess. Don't you think sometimes you might need a break from something like this? Blogging...

While I was starting some early spring cleaning this morning I thought of a previous blog I created about window washing soap and that made me think "I really should blog again". In regards to the window cleaning advice the solution is simple and effective check out the blog post in my history..you won't be sorry.

Note to myself: maybe I should blog once a week.
        A 2 year olds choice in foot wear. (Kendall)