Monday, May 27, 2013

"STAMPING" = camping in your own or a friends backyard

Stamping means; camping in your own or a friends backyard. taken from stay-cation

This is our backyard in Central Oregon as you can see the sky is blue and it is memorial weekend. Everyone well most everyone likes to kick off the camping season by pitching their tent for the 1st time on memorial weekend. But sometimes the weather is just so unpredictable this time of year especially when the forecast calls for 70% chance of rain. My girlfriend really wanted to camp but it just wasn't working out or should I say the weather was to iffy. After much brain storming on Lisa and my part we came up with camping in our yard for the weekend and if the weather got to bad they would have the comforts of our house.

Lisa wanted to make sure she was "self contained", well except for the luxury of using "the Hosts" bathroom. I have to say she did a really good job in making sure she had everything she needed, her car was packed with all of their camping gear, just like as if we were heading up to the mountains. They decided to pitch their tent pretty close to the fire pit and under a tree.

Here she is, ready for a weekend of FUN! Glenn and I joined her and Kevin for most meals well all the meals actually. They had a great menu planned and enough to feed us too. So you might say Glenn and I made out pretty darn good. 
Glenn was a great camp host, he kept the firing going, and he was able to clean up the complete pile of yard debris we had accumulated over the years. I do need to mention that Lisa did bring her own wood, but I think Glenn liked adding more to the fire.

Rainy morning with spots of blue sky made for a nice day around the camp site.

Having some fun with my Ipad camera.

Just some more fun.

As I was saying the food was awesome, but there isn't anything like cooking out doors and Lisa is so good at it!
Glenn with his pitch fork, looks like to me he needs to "stoke those fires". I think Kevin is making sure his hat is on straight:)..I wonder if the neighbor across the canal enjoyed watching us all weekend as much as we enjoyed our time "stamping". 

Well here I am eating some strawberries by the hot coals, Juniper Berry also takes in all the delights of camping as you can see by the look on her face. I have to say, it won't be to long before Glenn and I will be pitching our tent in the backyard for the weekend and enjoying some "stamping" time. Really you should try it, it is incredibly fun and its good for you to get out and enjoy your own backyard!!!

                            its like a stay-cation but its stay-camping...Brilliant! 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Walking with Kendall

Lately Kendall and I have been able to take our morning walks before the sun gets to warm. We are averaging 3 miles 4 times a week. Pretty good for a Grandma pushing her grand daughter. Today was especially fun, a lot of people were out in their yards and most of them had to say "hi" since Kendall was hollering at them to get their attention. 

When we made it to  the canal road, Kendall had fun telling the ducks in the canal to "get". I assume that is what her mom or dad says to their dogs or goats. But she really has it down, her voice got low and loud sometimes the ducks would fly into the air. We thought that was pretty funny.

My heavy breathing from pushing the stroller in the cinders must of tired out Kendall as much as it did me but I wasn't able to take a little nap like some one else:)!

Tomorrow the rain is suppose to start for a few days, I sure hope we are able to get in our daily walk before that happens. I will always cherish these moments and will never take them for granted.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am currently on at 42 day liver purification, this is day 23. Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit, I personally did not know that until this program. The first 21 days you can consume all the vegetables you want and they should be as close to raw as possible, 1/4 the amount of fruit and 1/4 the amount of green lentils. Also included is a vegetable based protein drink you take twice a day. As of yesterday I am to add one healthy food item back into my diet every 3 days or so, like fish, chicken, beans, etc. I am to stay away from dairy, grains like bread, sugar and no processed foods. Well has my life turned upside down but you know I am doing really well, I feel 100 percent better, my headaches are gone and I can almost feel my body healing in one way or another. Needless to say the weight is coming off right along with all the other positives.

Since I am on the 2nd half of this purification it is very important I sweat wether it be from exercise, heat, or a DETOX BATH. This is really what my post is about today; I found this perfect DETOX BATH on pinterest I have posted the website below but here is the breakdown.

Fill your tub with warmer to hot water
add 2 cups epson salt
2 cups baking soda
1 tablespoon ground ginger
you can add fresh lavender, or whatever oil you like that is calming
Soak for 20 minutes minimum, 40 minutes is better
When you get out dry off then wrap yourself in a cotton blanket, sit down and relax for another 20 minutes and drink some water!

You will feel amazing, if you look up the website it tells you what the different ingredients do to your system but really you have to trust me it's amazing.. I will be doing this every sunday evening as part of my second half journey ritual.

Here is the website I got the information from

Purification or Detox every once in awhile; it is GOOD THING!