Friday, February 25, 2011

Roasted Shrimp with Spaghetti Squash

Roasted Shrimp with Spaghetti Squash
About 2 weeks ago Amanda gave Glenn a spaghetti squash, I am assuming she did not know quite what to do with it well neither did I:). I had heard how good this type of squash tasted but never really cared or explored to find out. I now have a new found desire, yes that would be spaghetti squash!

The texture is amazingly just like noodle spaghetti, hence the name I guess. The taste is nutty and something else I can't really explain. I bet most of you have tasted or cooked with it before so this is nothing new to you. Amanda it is so easy to cook and the following recipe is wonderful.

This is something so easy to make but is very intimidating to try. All you do is slice in open length wise, sprinkle with Himalayan salt and cracked pepper, lay the two pieces face down on a cookie sheet add 1/4 cup water cook for 40 minutes at 350. Cool, take out the seeds then scrape with a fork and "Wa Laaaaa" you have spaghetti. Truly amazing.

So my next step is to find the growing season for spaghetti squash, if it is under 60 days I just might be adding this to my garden. Try the attached recipe it is a keeper.

What a great day to cook and thanks for reading my blog,

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Positive Enneagram - a new approach to the nine personality types!

Today I was able to attend a 2 day class on emotional intelligence provided by my husbands work. Wow talk about some soul searching or should I say finally I a beginning to understand why I am the way I am, Lol...

The Positive Enneagram/a new approach to the nine personality types - have you ever taken a class about this? Well let me tell you it sure can be an eye opener and as for the question asked so many times, "Why please tell me why I decided to proceed this way or what was I thinking"?? All good questions with some real soul searching answers.

Glenn and I were placed at opposite ends of the room and more then once we looked over and each other, both thinking "so that is why you are like that". This class is designed for us to get a better understanding about the people you work with and also the people you live with, IE, spouse. So far today I am showing up as a 9, a 9 The Storyteller - they are referred to as some one who brings people into harmony, for one example but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading my blog,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowy Day Off

It's funny the things you find to do when you have 2 days off in a row and you wake up to 6 + inches of snow that you didn't even know was suppose to happen.

 I have had this funny desire to sew and quilt before spring/summer arrives. The attempts I have tried in quilting in the past month, which I might add is my 1st time at this art, have been OK, I guess.

 I saw this pattern in a Martha Stewart magazine for quilted coasters, and that is what I did today while the fire was going in the wood stove and the snow was stacking up outside. Let me show you;

Start of my day, watching Glenn leave for work. Drive safely!

This is in my backyard, look at the snow build up on the rails of our trellis. If you look real close you can see how much snow is coming down.
Here is the fabric scrapes I had to work with, as you can probably tell already, the coaster are really for my Husband Glenn to use when he is drinking beer or whatever.
Close up shot of the finished product, cute isn't it.

Take a look at my set of 4. I need to work on my measurements, each one is a different size:(
They were all suppose to be 4" x 4". I guess just like anything else practice makes perfect. But one thing is for sure Glenn will like them and he will use them because he knows that will make me happy.

Here is the link for the pattern I used, just in case you might want to give it a try.

Have a great snowy day, and thanks for reading my blog,