Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kitchen Cupboards phase 2

I can not believe what you have to learn by trial and error along the way while you are trying to re stain your kitchen cupboards....

I have found out that the 2 most important steps in redoing your cupboards is in the sanding and what you apply the stain and varnish with. So if someone was going to read this before they took on a task like this here is what I recommend;

1. #100 sand paper if you have severe damaged cupboards like mine (see photos on previous blog). Also use the cute little electric sander that your husband came home with awhile back as a "I just wanted to get you a gift" forget about trying to sand by hand it just doesn't get the job done. Thanks Glenn for the sander, even though at the time I thought it was sort of weird when you brought it home for me to add to my "girly tool box", as a side note it has my name on it the outside of the tool box says Betty's Tools. Isn't that fun!

2. Buy yourself a real treat, invest and I mean it when I say "invest" in a sheep skin pad (qty 2) to apply the stain and a Purdy SYNTOX nylon/chinex blend brush for the top coat of varnish.

There is other stuff you will need also but these three items seem to be the most important to achieve a professional fresh new look.

It's sort of funny I have been home for a few days and have been able to pace myself for the start of this project and as I am waiting for the stain or varnish to dry I see myself looking at the sun room window seals , very cautiously thinking I should redo them they are weathered, then looking at the kitchen chairs thinking I could really make those look much better then they do now. OH BROTHER!!!! One thing at a time please, note to self I am only one person and I can't take on all of these projects at once. FOCUS on the kitchen cupboards ONLY!! For the time being:)

I do get a little anxious on days like this; sunny Central Oregon mornings. I know my time inside the house is indeed limited and pretty soon I will be outside and the inside of the house will have to wait until fall before I will attempt any other projects that require me to be inside. But it has occurred to me I could work on the dining room chairs outside in fact that is probably where it should be done so I will have to do some investigating on this subject. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

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