Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ochoco's Wild Horse's part II

Last time Glenn took a drive up to the Ochoco's take a look at what he saw.

Yes spring time has been there, wild colts born and learning to live in on their own in the wild. This moment in time is a bitter, sweet snap shot since the outcome of these animals survival rate is questionable.

But what a sight to sit back and watch, I hope we get to see them in a few weeks when we are camping in this mountain range. I really don't understand my fascination with wild horses, maybe it is the freedom they have for a short period of time, I don't know but I like them. Side note: you can hardly see the 4 colts in the photo's but they are there if you look real close. Cute!

Fun after work.

About once a week we as Grandparents are blessed with spending the evening with Lucy. At her current age of 2+ years old she is like a sponge and full of comments that are surprising at times. Last week she brought with her a plastic tub full of "teapot" toys . No matter where we were in the house or outside she brought along her tub of "teapot" toys, and of course she served us tea pretty much the whole evening.

Her Grandpa commented that Lucy was just like her Mom at this age, Lucy would not serve you a teacup without the spoon and plate matching in color she would dig in her tub until she found a matching set. I tried to serve her tea with the cup, spoon and plate all not matching and I was corrected with a very point blank response of; "No Grandma like this", CUTE!

I can't wait to see what is going on in Lucy's world the next time she is at the house. Until then "I Love Lucy"!!!
By the way June just watchs Lucy these day's. It looks like June could be thinking, "now what is she up to"?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun stuff going on in the backyard!

When you sit in our backyard it really looks like any other backyard you have been around. Well maybe we don't "manicure" our yard like others but we do have a garden area and misters up in the juniper trees to keep cool, wild daisy's and raspberry bushes trying to grow. We also have a standard "fire Pit" in the back part of the yard for our annual bonfires. They display a wonderful original "art" drawn on cinder blocks or should I say the seats Glenn put there for people to sit on while enjoying the fire.
Thank you Debbie I love your work!

Monica also showed her creative side with sidewalk chalk on the basketball court. Glenn and I decided last night while we were sitting outside that we would put out the side walk chalk at our annual bonfire to see others creativity, I can't wait to see what happens. As for some more permanent drawings I would like to see Monica and Emily draw on our basket ball court and I will seal your drawings for us to enjoy for days to come.

Have A Great Summer!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

What constitutes a bad week?
*working a long week

*behind on your house work

*being a Mother

*eating habits

*not enough exercise

*worried about aging parents


All great answers, but! That was my week last week. Thanks to my wonderful Husband, Glenn was able to take me away none to soon.

I packed a bag for 2 nights, arraigned for Kadie to stay with Monica and June as Glenn took care of the rest.

Friday at 6pm I sat down into the MGB GT named PO and off we went. Two hours into the drive I was still pretty uptight and I knew I needed to unwind quickly if I or should I say we were going to have a fun time:) As I was having my "self talk", I looked over at Glenn I could see he was having the time of his life, driving to the middle of nowhere (to some people) cruising about 70 MPH all while smiling. As I turned my head back to the window my eyes caught sight of his blackberry sitting next to a 1974 car clock both displaying the same time but beating to two different drums. WOW, I thought if only life were that easy.

Relax Betty Relax - was what everything around me was saying, let me explain what I saw:

* 1 wild Turkey in the ditch

* A Badger running across the road

*bunches of wild birds

*cows grazing in the fields

*The Dog at Dairy Queen that was the size of a pony

*and not to forget the pony running in the pastures.

OK it working, I can't help but let out all the clutter I have been storing up in my head. We ended up somewhere we have been to multiple times each time better then the last. I would say it's one of our top 5 places to go because for the next 2 days we:

*swam at dawn, well early morning to most

*slept a lot

*ate well


*drove the sports car, fast

*went on a picnic



*read while Glenn prepared all the meals

*enjoyed happy hour and/or hours

*watch a movie on my laptop

*swam at midnight

I feel very fortunate to live only 2 1/2 hours away from somewhere that can provide all of the above and almost cost us nothing but a good time!

None of this could ever happen without the love and support I receive no matter whats going on in my little world from my dear Husband, Glenn.
Thank you Crystal Crane Hot springs Resort for always being available when needed. Take a look at their web site if you do go you won't be disappointed, it will cure what ever is ailing you! http://www.cranehotsprings.com/index.html

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Book Review #2

As you probably have figured out by now I am a really slow reader, but I do enjoy the time I get to read. I am on the last chapter of the book:



Lauren Kessler

This book is about three Generations in the life of a Japanese American Family. Starting in the 1900 - present, I normally don't care for the historical novels it is hard for me to stay focused but this is an Oregon based book taking place in the Hood River area. I enjoyed the read, I appreciate the tried but true story of this family and I would have to say I learned a lot. At the end of the book it has a section for reading groups to engage in conversation and the 1st question really sums it up it goes like this;

Question # 1

Close your eyes, and picture an "American." Describe what you see. What does an "American" look like?

Until the next book...