Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glenn's Birthday camping quilt

When I asked Glenn to clean out his closet of old jeans and tee's he doesn't wear anymore, I really had other intensions. Making my first rag quilt, using denim tested my patience and made my hands sore sore sore! Cutting up the tee's made me smile, watching how all the pictures and symbols all came together. I decided to personalize some of the denim squares with embroidery so 4 months later the quilt is done just in time for Glenn's birthday!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"kickin it old skool"!

kickin' it ol' skool

kickin' it ol' skool can imply many different things, but there are two main definitions:
1)Doing something like it was done in the '80s 
2)(The most popularly used version): Hanging out with a good friend that you've grown up with.

Yesterday Glenn and I set out to find Glenn his birthday present. He had his hopes set on a portable camping oven, ( yes you heard me right Mr. Camping Minimalist) wanted a oven to take camping. So off to Costco we go, when we finally saw it out of the box he thought it was to big to take camping, he then tells me he would like a new out door grill, OK! Off to Sportsmens, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Fred Meyers and Big R. In that Order which will have somewhat of an importance at the end of the story. 

Glenn wanted a small compact propane grill made in the USA! Oh God does that even exist??? Well not one that we could find here in Central Oregon. Probably could of ordered one for a pretty hefty price but that wasn't an option for us yesterday. It almost became a quest for us to find that perfect grill, or should I say it did become a quest. 

The first store after Costco was Sportsmen's Warehouse, they probably had the best grill selection, but we did travel to each of the other stores but just like Murphy's Law states you seem to get the first one you looked at...Glenn's criteria for a grill was not quite all filled, but boy is he happy with what  he FINALLY chose. 

Take a look: compact check, grill check, and MADE IN THE USA check!
Glenn's 59th Birthday Present "THE ALL CAST IRON, MADE IN USA, ASHFORD HIBACHI"!

There you have it, and this is how 2 "empty nesters" spend their day on a saturday..

Happy Birthday Glenn!