Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Alvord Desert & The Steens Mountains

When you are out in the middle of no where, you should always read the signs:)

This was so deep and the color was incrediable, I could feel the heat rising onto my face when I was taking this photo.

Peeking in at Glenn while he was enjoying the Alvord Hot Springs, it was to hot outside for me, but this rustic structure and the bathing is all the make up for a good time.

If your not careful someone might just take your hat and sunglasses, something you definitely need in this area on a hot summer day.

The Steens Mountain Range, need I say more, WOW!

Here we are heading to the top summit of the Steens gets a little warm at 9000 ft. That is for sure but I see snow in the distance.

Oh, this is funny to get to the alvord desert you take a gravel road for approx. 45 miles at the end of the gravel rode is Fields Oregon where the cafe there is known for their famous milk shakes. Yes we both had one:) If you look closely you can see an air plane taking off to the right. Yes out in the back country the county roads are also the run way and if you didn't know it Air Planes have the right-a-way. Good Times!

scary big, for no water except hot springs about every 20 miles.

This photo is fun to me because I use to work with a Guy who would say, "why do you choose to follow Glenn to those far reach places"?  This photo shows I am doing just that follow Glenn to the edge of the earth (it felt like).

Glenn taking the Jeep out on the desert floor, not sand but alkali, dusty that is for sure.

Hot feet!

You do what you can to stay cool.

I don't like it when Glenn lays over the edge of  glacier cliffs  just to get a good photo, doesn't it look like he is going to roll off the side.

Cold feet! Finally some relief from the heat.

Just can't get enough of the wild flowers.
Alkali  dust storm off in the distance, incredible.

Crystal Crane Hot springs, there is nothing better then jumping into the pond 1st thing in the morning when you wake up.  The pond is a cool 103 degrees on an average this is utopia.

Hope you enjoyed this trip via my blog as much as we did in real life.
 Until next time, Betty  


Glenn said...

Thanks for following me to the middle of no-where! These trips are always better with you by my side. It was such an awesome time... hope we can expand out hot spring search next year:)

Betty said...

Your welcome, I just love to take photos of me following you, it always seems to be in the out parts of the globe. I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for us and our adventures.

Geo T said...

Be aware that the Steens Mountain area is still under threat from "green" proposed wind turbine projects which would industrialize a number of views that were thought to be safe.

Groups like ONDA have fought to stop some of the turbine invasions but the situation needs to be monitored. The power from such projects would likely go to southern California, which adds to the absurdity of placing them in such a pristine area.

The wind industry is as ruthless as the oil business, so be very wary when listening to their propaganda.