Saturday, May 29, 2010

Outdoor Bathing!

Sometimes I think I should of been born in the 1800's. The everyday simple way of life they use to live is not that easy to pull off today. You know now that I think about it, I am sure it wasn't that simple then either; so here is what I have going on in a very small section of our backyard.

We gave one of our kids our hot tub, I was tired of the chemicals, and I am sure Glenn was tired of the electric bill:) I love being in water or around water so thanks to an article, "outdoor bathing...aaahhh" in a magazine called Mary Jane Farms vol. 9 #3 April-May 2010 I was inspired!

1st step - The Tub! Only cask iron will do so after "the search" we found one in Portland at Hippo Hardware Store, this tub was away from the rest, pretty much down some stairs in a corner with stuff piled on top of it. My new tub is pretty beat up and has been mistreated for some time now. The good thing about it is all 4 feet are present and we found a cold water knob that was missing so after some loving care this tub will look just like knew I just know it.

2nd step - Heating the water! Glenn has some ideas, that sound like it will work, more on that at a later date.

3rd step - Location! We have the perfect spot, I can't wait to blog about it when we get the tub moved to that area.

4th step - Pulling it all together!  This is where I will stop for now,  please feel free to check my blog in the future to see how things turn out.
Happy Bathing!

note: Hippo photo courtesy - Casey & Holly Rausch :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just know that summer is coming!

This time of the year is hard on me, like when I walk around my yard I see and take mental notes of what needs to be done before July 4th. That is the cut off date I have set for the yard to be "summer ready". I have found that if I take notes on what I see needs to be done then I can check them off when I am done with that task and that makes it a little bit easier, I guess:)

My cupboards are 3/4 of the way through, my goal was to be done by May 1st, but I didn't take into consideration some of my days off being occupied with other issues. So I have reset my new date to be June 1st and I am on target to make it, I just know I will. You see when I get the kitchen done then I can concentrate on the outside yard work the house projects will have to wait until this fall.

Also with summer coming means it is camping time, so when I get a weekend off we are "gone camping", it something that is very healthy for the mind, body and marriage I believe this whole heartily. I can't wait for the summer to come and spend some well deserved time with us.

Here is some photos of Glenn's spring camping trip I won't get to see this area but isn't it just breath taking. It is hard to believe that something so beautiful can be found out in the desert surrounded by nothing but sage brush and and few juniper trees. Take a look and enjoy!