Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rafting Day!

Devils Lake located on the Cascade Lakes HWY, or if you are a local Century Drive. In the back ground you can see a lava flow, this area is so beautiful especially from a blow up boat, you can just drift the whole day away. This is Glenn talking to his friend Paul, Paul is telling Glenn that there is a fine if you are caught in a boat with out a life jacket. We did forget ours today but in the future I will have mine with me does my Husband look like the type that will remember his?
This is were the hiking trail around the lake which is currently covered by snow, can you see the snow it is actually laying on top of the water, how cool is that.
You guessed it this is our feet in the snow on the trail by the lake! The temp. was 85 degrees boy were we warm so this felt great. I am the one with the toe nail polish on. I took this while going down the road in Glenn's jeep right before the thunder storm, wow! I just love it when he takes the top off the jeep Glenn thinks the fun just begins when the top comes off there is nothing better then cruising down a mountain road and being able to look at the sky at the same time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

personal passion II

A little bit ago I posted on my blog about the eaten plants in my garden well 2 hours later here is what I found in the other side of my fence after our dog ran her off. I am glad to say that so far the foil ribbon is working no pea's were ate. But with that said most of my 4" tall sunflowers are gone, yes gone. Last year we had beautiful sunflowers and with the way of the sun in our back yard the neighbors across the canal on the golf course really got to enjoy the large yellow flowers and I had to go across the canal to see them. So I guess this year unless they grow really fast neither one of will get to enjoy them.

Another camera shot before she took off, probably till later tonight.

personal passion

I think this is what you would call "ironic", let me start with a conversation that my Husband and I had last night, we were eating dinner outside and I said " oh look I think the deer have tried to get into the potted flowers", Glenn starts to say "yeah I see they ate..." then he stopped talking. You see I had a bad day and he knew if he told me, I would blow, again right then and there! So I knew something was gone in our garden or in the flowers beds in the front yard, but I did not investigate the situation right then.

This morning I wanted to dedicate 2 hours to the back yard/garden area, so approx. 9am after my walk with my walking partner Yvette, I see what he almost told me. The PEA'S, they were ate done to about 1" from the dirt. OK, I know I am going a little to far with this and I should just give up, but I really like the garden, we don't get a whole lot of food out of it, but I do get a great pleasure from the plants and such. So I clean up all around the peas that are left and I put up some silver gardening ribbon that attracts light I think it is more for birds but we will see if that helps.

After I was done with the pea's I went over to some wooden military gun boxes that I plant violets in, guess what gone right down to 1" from the dirt. I laugh and say to myself do I continue to be crazy about this or put my whole yard into gravel?? So I got some bamboo sticks and netting and made a top over the wooden boxes so the violets can grow back and the deer can't get them. Now here is the funny part, (not really but what can I do), June our dog starts to go crazy by the gate to the front yard and I hear someone or something walking in the gravel when I go to see who it is, its "the Deer" eating the yellow baby roses off my miniature wild rose bush that I did have netting on but I must of took it off and forgot to put in back on.

I know there is some sick moral to this story, but needless to say my 2 hours where up and I am going to call it a day in the garden. Tomorrow I am working in the front yard in the morning and I will be covering back up the wild rose bush and see what other plants I can put netting on. Call me crazy or call me stubborn but I can say that the deer keep me busy and trying to out smart them can be sort of fun! As a side note Deer don't seem to like paeonie's, this variety is called 'Madelon' you would think it looked like a big bowl of Ice Cream but the deer don't eat it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wild flowers in the mountains

It has been my experience while living in Central Oregon you have a window of 2 months to enjoy the wild flowers in the mountains. It really is a snap shot in time that you have to capture, my Husband took these photo's this past weekend. I was amazed at the quantity and color he was able to capture with his camera. I am not sure so don't quote me but he was somewhere around the 4000 to 6000 foot altitude when he came across this wonderful natural landscape. I look at these photos and wonder what the women thought who where on the Oregon Trail when their wagons came across land as beautiful as this. Do you suppose that they were so tired and sickly that they did not even notice their surroundings. I do remember reading in a book called All TOGETHER in one PLACE by Jane Kirkpatrick. That there were some women who tried to get their husbands to stay in this area but the men said "the winters where to hearse we are moving on towards the pacific coast". I can see why they wanted to stay if they came upon this sight.
How many colors do you count? It looks like an example of a crayon box don't you think.
This is the mountain range where he came across all these beautiful wild flowers, so this goes to show you, you will never know what you come across while in the mountains. Am I right BOYS!!
If you have read my other posts you know I have a problem with deer eating my flowers/garden. Here is a question, where are all the deer and why aren't they eating these flowers do you think the mountain flowers are naturally poisonous so they are guarding against being eaten by the animals in the mountain.. Thought to myself, maybe I should plant only wild flowers around my house!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Outdoor Working Area

This is an area in the corner of our patio in the back yard, which I set up as the workbench area for gardening and potting flowers. The fountain is a nice touch when you are working because they are so soothing. The small patio heater to the left is not in use right now, that is just it's home till winter when we use it allot. If you live in a cold area this table top version has been just right for us. You should check it out.

The pail on the corner of the table is one of my favorite pieces of outdoor equipment I have. The pail is actually Glenn's he uses it for ashes from the wood stove in the winter. But for now it has become my water, soil and overall carry stuff in it pail. I will give it back this winter when he needs it.

Here is Lucy helping with the finishing touches on this potted flower. She will be such a good gardener, I hope she likes gardening.
This is Juniper Berry our dog we usually call her June, we adopted her when she was a pup, she is very good to us and she also watches over the back yard like any good dog would.


Dicentra formasa 'Zestful' aka Bleeding HeartPaler pinkish flowers, close to the wild type of Dicentra formosa. All grow easily in partial shade in good soil and flower all summer if kept moist.
This flower is approx. 10 years old, I have kept it in this pot and this is its best year so far. When I had this flower in Oregon City it did not do so well maybe it wasn't cold enough or to wet, I don't know. But this year WOW what beauty!
Reference: PERENNIALS by Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kadie Jay

Kadie is my daughter, who is currently trying to figure out how to make it in this world. I would have to say she is doing a really good job at it. She doesn't live far from me but we tend to go in phases of seeing each other. Kadie is now training for a new job and I think she will be really good at what she is going to do. She will be working with people face to face and she is good at conversation. Keep it up Kadie you are doing a great job! The photo below is of her and I on her birthday we went to have our hair done together and then lunch, that was a great day. Christmas 2007 at our house.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

visit to Portland

Marie (Mom) and I spent the day with Casey in Portland last week, what a wonderful day we had. My Mom is very fond of gardening/flowers and she really had a good time looking at Casey and Holly's yard, they have so many different types of plants growing, plants you never see in Central Oregon or in Eastern Washington where my Mom lives. Photo below is at Casey and Holly's house, Mom and Casey before we start the day. What a beautiful porch I can see why they spend so much time out there.
Yes I love Gnomes, and this one is especially cute!
We ate lunch at a 50's diner, I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and I know I had some of these "45's" in the day.
Under St. Johns bridge, it was very big and beautiful the cars above have no idea what is below them.
I just love the go to Portland and spend the day with my Son, I am just sorry his wife Holly had to work and Glenn couldn't join us until later that night. Maybe next time we can all get together for the day, until then you two were missed that day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

*Happy Father's Day*


This Photo is my Father John Joesph, I believe this photo was taken while he was in the Marines. Most people called my Dad by Joe, he was a wonderful provider for the family and a great role model. I learned so much about life from him, and of course I did not even realize it until much later. My Father was born in 1921, he is of a German Swiss descent. Dad passed away in July of 1998 after having a stroke 2 years earlier. Dad worked hard every day, and enjoyed his family around him. I couldn't of asked for a better Father, I miss him and think of him often in my every day life. Happy Father's Day DAD!

Joe and Marie, aka, Dad and Mom in Arizona in approx. 1996 After Dad retired from ranching/farming the both of them loved to spend the winters in Arizona. Mom still goes to Arizona each winter for about 3 months.
My Husband Glenn, is a wonderful FATHER to his 4 kids and also his 2 step kids. Glenn is very understanding and excepting of any Father I have ever known. He is a great role model, and enjoys being a FATHER. Happy Fathers Day to you Glenn!
Glenn just arrived back in Portland from Nebraska n business. He meant up with Casey, Holly, my om Marie and Myself at the Widmer Brewery in North Portland area.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rodeo Weekends

"Let R' Buck!" or should I say "Bring her on home!" at least that is what you would hear the audience say out loud to a Barrel Racer towards the end of her run. My family came to the Sisters Rodeo where my Brothers Wife (photo below) barrel raced. She choose to race during slack time because she is in training with this horse and the large crowd that might be a bit much. As you can see by this photo my Brothers whole family enjoys the weekend. Brogan is 6 or could be 7 and he really knows how to ride his horse as you can see.
My Mother was also included in this trip to Sisters. Then Mom came to my house and spent a few days before returning home, that was nice.
I have not heard how my Brothers Wife did, they are still traveling back to their home in Eastern Washington and it is almost 11pm, but that's the Rodeo Life. So I guess this is where is say, Happy Trails to You!

Indian Market in Chicago

Last week my Husband went to Chicago on business/training one of his classmates was of Eastern Indian descent. I was not there but I can guess the conversation went like this."I just loved the food in India when I was there in the 70's and I just love to cook with curry I wish I knew more about it". He tells me after a long conversation about curry spices she offers to take him to an Indian market in the city to pick out some items to bring home and cook with. These items below are what he brought home. Couldn't forget the Indian candy to the left, I looked at the ingredients and there is also curry in the candy!
Glenn's prep area while cooking with one of the spices and mixes he brought home, the meat on the plate is shrimp but you really can't tell. Notice the calculator, the measurements were very different they measure in grams, we still don't think we got it right.
The sauce was great, the different tastes in your mouth was unbelievable. Sorry the photo is blurry.
Dinner is ready! Shrimp curry with brown rice, bread (french, all we had at the time) to take the hot away in your mouth if you needed to. Berry's with a little whip cream and of course a Corona Light. For some reason I don't think this is how a true Indian dinner would go but Glenn you did a great job. Can't wait for the next dinner you create.
As a side note Glenn is in Nebraska this week I wonder who he will make fast friends with and bring home this time. I guess I will have to wait and see. I miss you Glenn!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

swiss army creamer

While at the GI surplus store with my Husband, I saw 4 of these creamers, I think they are so cute, they said the creamer is Swiss military circa WWI/WWII porcelain coated steel with chips in the porcelain. This little creamer reminds me of the creamer or maybe it was a teacup on Beauty and the Beast. The military used this cup to cream their coffee but I am going to use them as a flower planter. Maybe you could look at this as reminiscent of the late 60's peace movement where flowers were planted in the tools of war. I wish I could paint something on the cup but I am not a painter. Hey maybe I could have my step daughter Amanda look at it and see if she can come up with something. The end result will be posted at a later date.

Betty's Garden

Gardening in Central Oregon is tricky, because the high desert climate can change overnight and you can loose everything. We lost everything in our garden in 2007 and I was devistated. We look at it as we only have 60 days for our garden to mature, under the conditions that you plant your garden in the ground vs pot gardening and you do not use a green house, we have 2 seasons for gardening winter and august. The rule of green thumb for us is: If the snow is all off Black Butte then we can start planting and guess what I looked yesterday to the west when we were driving and Black Butte was clear so yesterday was planting day.

To the left you see marigolds, I plant them at the edges because my Mother Marie says they keep the bugs away. The photo below we have to take care early in the season with the tomatoes, by circling them with water filled towers which creates a hot house effect. The black gate you see is the vine trailer for the pea's. If you look real close you can see the pea's in their infant stage, I planted them from seed approx. 3 weeks ago.

The photo to the left is Glenn's raspberry's he is starting over with 2 new plants if they can get established this year then they will survive or maybe we need to cover them with straw this winter, note to myself.. The round cages is for, well you probably already know the DEER. No raspberry's for them this year....

As a side note we didn't have to plant sunflowers this year because we have apprx. 40 to 50 coming up volunteer from last year. I am not showing you photos of the baby plants because the photos to come will be wonderful of them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Farewell Donkey

My little Donkey with his flower cart has seen better days. In 2001 I brought this donkey back from Arizona, he caught my eye and I thought he was so cute. The poor thing got ran over by a skate board and my Husband put him back together with plaster before I got home from work. Finally after 7 years the plaster wore out. I will not be able to look out my window and see him standing under the tree holding up his cart waiting for me to put some flowers in it. He always made me smile when I looked at him. Good bye my friend, I hope you enjoyed your time in our yard. I will still smile when I look at your photos on my blog.

His cart still remains in the front yard so I guess I better get busy and fill it with some flowers.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gnome searches for his Family!

When we moved back to Bend from the Portland, Oregon area, I was going to miss this very old Gnome that lived at the house we were renting. Little did I know my Husband ask the owners if he could take it to Bend to live. About a week after we arrived I started receiving post cards with these photos on them and the Gnome telling me he was trying to find us so he could live in our yard. This is a statue of a man, I can't remember his name, in down town Bend. This is the 1st card I got.
A few days later I received this card where the Gnome is in the park at Mirror Pond still in Bend. I received another card I am not posting of two girls posing with the Gnome that Glenn apparently asked them if they would poise with him, I did not post because I didn't know if that was a blogging no-no since I don't know the girls. Here the Gnome is on top of Pilot Butte over looking Bend, after this card I received 2 more and then he showed up at our house and found his spot in our back yard, just in time to join my Birthday party. The Gnome has moved with us to Redmond and keeps our back yard safe and sound, the Gnome is 100% solid cement and is very old and heavy. I can just see my Husband walking around Bend with this Gnome taking photo's. Do you think people talked about him and wondered what he was doing, I do.
Here our Gnome is during the 1st winter in Central Oregon, the snow went clear up to his eyes as you can see. I leave him out year around, because I am told they are not to happy indoors their place is in the yard year around. What do you think?