Monday, October 25, 2010

Mother Knows Best!

Question for Marie:

"Mom, I have a plant that has been sitting on the patio all summer that I need to bring into the house for the winter. The plant has brown dirt spots on the leaves, is there something I can clean the leaves with that won't harm the plant"? The plant is called Cataractarum Palm.

Answer from Marie:

"Oh yes, all you need to do is take a paper towel with a little dab of mayonnaise on it and rub the leaves with the paper towel. This provides a food source for the plant and cleans up the leaves and makes the leaves shine like a brand new penny".

Of course it works, try it you will be amazed. Betty

For the love of "Mom"!

Aging parents. Now there is a very powerful sentence! It is hard to come to grips with all the emotions you go through as you watch your parents age..... I often have thoughts of how I really miss the mom of 10 years ago. So then my next thoughts are of her excellent health she has carried into her golden years and this makes me realize how fortunate mom is to have her health be so good. Short term memory has been the one thing that has robbed her in her aging process. Bless her heart she takes each day in great strides and has a wonderful attitude about her memory. I don't live close to my mother so to curb my loneliness for her, I call her Friday's on my way to work. I stay consistent with this just so she will see a repeat pattern and know the day I call is Friday:)

I have found if I call her with a question or two about something she knows a lot about helps make our conversation productive. It always amazes me how mom will know just the right answer and all the knowledge she stores in her 81 year old mind. So I have decided to pass along her answers to the questions I ask that might be interesting to my "blog readers".  Watch for the Blog Title of; Mom Knows Best. I guarantee you will learn something new each time you read it. I know I do!

Elma Marie and Betty Jo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Japanese Gardens to Voodoo Doughnuts

It is funny when your children are older and on their own you always know as their Mother when it is time to have one on one time with them. So that is when I either travel to Portland to stay with Casey and his wife Holly or call Kadie and have dinner out and then shop or leave Central Oregon for the day and visit the big city with her.

So a few weekends ago I traveled to Portland and had a wonderful time with Casey and his wife Holly. It so happened to be a beautiful weekend in the city so we adventured out to the Japanese Gardens. If you are ever in Portland this is a wonderful place to go, it really takes you to another place and the beauty of it all can overwhelm you if you are not careful:)!

Voodoo Doughnuts
Whatever you do don't forget to stop here and enjoy their fresh made doughnuts the experience is one you will need to experience yourself.

I always enjoy my time in Portland, it is especially nice when I get to spend time with family or just hang out with Glenn in down town Portland, something we haven't done in a really long time. Just a hint!