Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Few days on the "farm" will do you some good!

Last week I decided to go spend a few days with my Mother on her farm/ranch. What a great time we had enjoying each others company. It is so funny how things change when your parents age, you know your Mom or Dad are strong but as they age to 80+ you really see how strong they are! I admire the will to grow old gracefully as possible I really want to remember this as I am turning the wonderful age of "50" this year. I can't believe it and Mom really has a hard time putting "50" with her youngest child...

A beautiful day in Eastern Washington as I crossed the Columbia River bridge from Oregon. Farmers were out working up the dirt from the winter rest. But what really was exciting was the crop dusters were out in full force I tried to catch this on my camera but it was to hard to get a really good shot as they flew right over the top of the house.

If you look real close at the middle leafless tree you can see the plane coming this way. Sort of hard to see but that shows how low they fly.

And there he goes!

While my Brother and his family were away on vacation Mom and I made sure the cows and calves were taking care of by 2 great guys. My Brother should give the 2 of them a bonus for how well they did in his absence!

Lined up and ready to eat!

This little calf layed in the same spot every day I was there, it looked like she was watching Mom in her kitchen window. It is to bad the tulips were not blooming wouldn't that of been a great photo!

This feeding truck has been used twice a day for feeding corn silage (sp) ever since I can remember.

Walking around Mom's house is fun, I can remember this stuff from when I was a little girl and to be honst I don't think most of these items have moved from their spot weather it be on a self or in a cabinet.

Actually this little guy isn't that old, I sent it to Mom for Mothers day about 9 years ago. I just think he is so cute.

Now this Rooster is really old, as you can see the cracks in his tail. I think Mom use to have 2 but I only saw just the one sitting proudly in the kitchen.

Well Mom I will be glad to see you in May when we come up for Mothers Day weekend.

Life on the Farm!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today is the first day of Spring!

I am so happy spring is here, I have so much going on in my life with the days getting longer I will be able to balance out my time better. Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? Lets see I was able to go to Portland to visit Casey and Holly, what a great time. We walked to wonderful places we had coffee and stop and shopped at vintage stores:) The weekend before Glenn and I took a day trip to the painted hills, WOW every time we go there I am amazed like it is the first time I have seen such a sight what a wonderful day trip that was. I am still working on the kitchen cupboards, Glenn has enticed me by buying a new faucet and dangling it in front of me. So here is the deal Glenn has told me when I am through with the cupboards he will put in a new sink and faucet. What a beautiful faucet I can't wait! At first I wanted a red cast iron sink, but that has changed after hours of conversation with my Husband we are getting a white cast iron sink. Also after hours on pondering the red sink I think it would be to much red in one spot, but boy wouldn't it be pretty.

I am leaving next week to spend some time with my Mother, just her and I, I wonder what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into??.. Maybe it will be something to blog about only time will tell.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A nice day in Central Oregon - Road Trip with POE!

It sure in nice when you live so close to the "open road"! In 1/2 of a day Glenn and I were able to go for a ride in POE, Glenn's 1974 MGB GT. The photos will tell you the whole story with out me having to explain a thing. ENJOY, this wonderful day just like we did, well almost as good:)

Now wasn't that a relaxing trip!