Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amazing over looked plants!

Have you ever wondered why a lupin plant can keep a droplet of water in the center of its leafs. There has to be a purpose maybe it's keeping the center stem warm, since it's one of the first planets to come up after a cold winter. But really who knows for sure, I have heard plants can talk..if I could ask them that very question....I would! 

The other plant that I think gets over looked is Rhubarb. Not only does it return every year but it has the biggest leaves and next to Lupin it peaks its leaves above ground way before the frost has finished for the year. Not to mention there really is some fabulous recipes and ways of cooking with this wonderful planet. I should really grow it just to sell it, since it grows so well here and the deer won't touch it! The leaves are highly poisonous, now that statement is something I really should consider...selling rhubarb interesting...
Enjoy the first of spring. I sure do! 

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