Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vintage Work Horse Harnesses and Collars - Idea?

Driving through Eastern Oregon approx. 5 years ago we came upon a barn sale, that is where is all started. We had just began our 10 day vacation and probably 80 miles from home if that. We came upon a barn sale so being who we are we just had to stop. At the same time my husband Glenn and I both saw a pile and I mean "A PILE" of leather, chains and metal. Our first observation told us, this mess of a pile was weather beaten and neglected due to non usage for what it was intended for and just keep walking. As we took a closer look we both began to see what the pile was, now that we are both caught up in the moment we hear "it's forty dollars for all of it".

Glenn looked at me and I said "Load er Up"! In our possession we had seven very used and abused work horse collars, two sets of harnesses and one blind, (you know the 2 leather pieces that keeps the horse looking forward only and not to the side). Now remember this stuff was somewhat nasty, straw stuffing coming out of the collars, mold on the leather, chains rusted yes I said chains. The chains are attached to the leather piece that goes under the horse and these chains are full size as chains go and heavy. Let's not forget all the bird poop laden on the leather and mice droppings.  So we are off to start our vacation covering about 900 miles, by the way remember I said we were maybe 80 miles into our trip:). The back of our Jeep was filled with what I would referred to the rest of the trip as a pile of  "what the hell we going to do with it stuff", which had spent it's years working hard upon a horse doing anything and everything that needed to be pulled or dragged. OMG!!!

Current day, "Glenn will you get out all that leather stuff from the back room in the garage, so I can figure out what I want to do with it"? Six years later here sits on my back patio a pile of "what the hell am I going to do with this stuff"! The pile has gotten smaller over the years we have used three collars for various things, but everything else still remains. You might be asking yourself why I am posting about this, well it's unusual to say the least and I need help with my creative side. For some reason I don't want to sell "the pile", I just want to do something with it. So if you took the time to read this post first of all; thank you, and now can you give me any ideas?  I could sure use your help to get your creative juices flowing here are a few photos I took yesterday after I started going through "the pile".

So there you have it, my first blog in almost a year. Thanks for visiting, Betty Jo 

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